How to use the welding machine welding of car body

Now many products can't be one, mostly through spot welding machine welding. Car body is through gasket method to for welding of, due to pot alloy and steel of resistance rate, and thermal conductivity differences is big, led spot machine welding process in the analysis hot not balance, and the melt nuclear (Nugget) partial analysis phenomenon
in if spot machine spot Shi, in aluminum Board and electrode Zhijian clip a material for steel of t art gasket (Cover Plate) used to improved aluminum side of analysis hot. Using this technique, can get a symmetrical in aluminum alloy plate by nugget. Experimental data shows that due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys, welding steel melting is not close to the aluminium/steel interface.
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so, Interfacial reactions between molten aluminium and solid steel is made, which partly suppress the Interfacial reaction layers (fReaction layer) growth. However, because aluminum is in direct contact with, so the better spot welding machine.

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