Hanging welding machine welding principle of what is

Spot welding machine according to the different market demands, have a variety of different kinds, such as hanging spot welding machine, intermediate frequency spot welding spot welding machine, and so on. Today I will introduce you to hang the principles of operation of the welding machine.
type spot welding machine operation in the process of "pressure", "welding", "maintenance" and "repose" and other various segments of time control is accomplished by the time regulator for spot welding machine controller. Length of time required for each program and the size of the welding current (that is, "welding") shall be set by the welding process in advance.
welding transformer primary coil by thyristor control power, secondary welding current, be welded on the workpiece, "welding" segments after the transformer primary coil power, welding machine into "maintenance" procedure, the pressure for some time after, solenoid valves disconnected, Electrode holder release artifacts, welding machine into the "resting". A welding cycle has been completed at this time. BACK

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