Introduction to the use of intermediate frequency spot welding machine methods

Enterprises in the use of intermediate frequency spot welding machine when welding sheet metal, be sure to follow the correct method to use. Correct way of using mechanical failures can be avoided, so the operator at the time of operation must follow the correct operation method of spot welding machine.
1. weld preparation and Assembly: steel weld before welding requires the removal of all dirt, grease, oxidation and rust, of hot-rolled steel, it is best to weld through pickling, sandblasting or grinding wheels for descaling. Without a clean weld can do spot, but severely reduce the service life of the electrode, the production efficiency and quality while reducing spot. For a thin coating of low carbon steels can be welded directly.
2. should adjust the position of the electrode Rod welding, electrode welding when Horn kept parallel to each other.
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3. current adjustment switch series selection of welding metal thickness and material selection. Power power led should be lit, and electrode force adjustable spring pressure nut size, change its compression gain.
4. after the completion of the adjustment, first connect cooling water and then plugged in ready to weld. Welding procedures: weld between two electrodes, step on the foot pedal and the electrode contact with the welding and pressure on, continuing under pressure when you pedal, power contactor switch, so start working transformer secondary circuit power up welding heat. When welding electrodes when you release the pedal rise after a certain time, and tension of the spring first cut off the power and then restored, single point of welding process will come to an end. BACK

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