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Jiangyin special welding is a welding equipment design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of professional manufacturers. This factory professional production on welding machine, and spot machine, and sewing welding machine, and shaped welding machine spot machine, and if spot machine, and pneumatic spot machine, and hanging type spot machine, and automatically spot machine, and metal spot machine, and laser spot machine, and pulse spot machine, and ultrasonic spot machine, and small spot machine, and high frequency spot machine,.
    built factory yilai, insisted implement "pursuit excellence, and quality first" of built factory purposes, thus in industry in the quickly development, sales and the service network has throughout national. Is the Dong Guang Dong Guang butt welding machines, spot welding machine, industry leader, known and Hebei Dong Guang welding machine industry, our products are now available for 3 series, more than 20 varieties, production and sales of thousands of welding equipment.
    in the process of development of the company, we get the domestic line, the love of many customers, also received strong support from domestic and foreign partners, I take this with all my colleagues to express thanks to you! In future years, we hope to continue to enjoy the respect of our customers and the attention and support of new and old partners! We will continue the spirit of "customer-centric, quality of life, innovation as the driving force of talent as a fundamental" business for the purpose of operating, the company further enhanced "technology + capital" of competitiveness, company size, core competencies, performance, speed and image appeal of our realm!
    warmly welcome new and old customers to cooperate and negotiate business!

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